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<object type="model/vrml,x-world/x-vrml" data="cube.wrl" width="150" height="100"> <param name="src" value="/vrml/cube.wrl"> </object>

If you can see the scene above, then you already have a VRML plug-in. If you cannot see the picture, or your browser asked if you wanted to download the file, you can download a free plug-in from one of the following links...

Today's UK Weather

VRML Weathermap Here's the current UK weather (probably - it depends on the state of my feed script), scraped from the Met Office and turned into a VRML model. The wind indicators show direction and speed, and the clouds shed rain / snow when appropriate.

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Arts Infoscape

A pilot project for the Arts Council.

Self Organising Maps

3D models of Derbyshire, based on various map data sources (DCW, Geonet, NIMA).


A long term project to model the whole of John Stow's London - nowhere near finished, but here are some 'preliminary sketches'