Ben Daglish

Technical Resumé


Lead developer for this Network Disaster Recovery device

Freelance (2003-2009)

Specialising in back-end systems for various organisations, ranging from EMDA & The Arts Council to local bookshops.

Surfnet Internet Services (2001-2003)

Head of Development, working on large-scale projects such as online CRB for Capita

Synergie Networks PLC (1999-2001)

Technical Services Director / Head of Development.

Planet Online (1998)

Overseeing various internet projects for ISP - cryptography systems, server-side object protocols and web-page development.

Hewlett Packard (1997-1998)

Writing intranet management reporting systems.

British Telecom (1997)

Ran the client-side development team for BT's proposed Secure Document System.

TNT (1995-97)

Senior developer for this logistics company, writing a suite of analysis / tracking tools, mainly for their Rover contract. Advised in internet development, sat on interview panels and was responsible for staff technical training.

More Computers (1995)

Trained the team and subsequently oversaw the development of Pronto, a large-scale Customer Management System.

US Gold (1994)

Wrote scripts and (co-wrote) the plot for Touché, a point-and-click adventure for this games giant. Was working on another, Alien Zoo before they got absorbed by Eidos :(

Dimension Creative Designs (1992-1993)

'Jack of all Trades' for this (still successful) games company - programming, writing documentation, composing, running a network of Silicon Graphics machines, testing...

Before that, it's all a bit of a blur, and starts getting mixed up with my artistic CV, but basically I started dabbling in computers in the good ol' days, circa 1980, and shipping the results of my dabblings from 1982 onwards to a number of satisfied punters. I've currently work day-to-day in 4 or 5 languages (Perl, C++, Java, Javascript etc.) and have forgotten maybe 5 or 6 more high-level ones and a sprinkling of asms. I've seen operating systems and protocols come and go, have worked with most of the ones that stuck, and am still not too proud to get on my knees behind a case with a screwdriver.