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Ever the bridesmaid, never the bride...Ronnie conducted the orchestra (often, as seen right, in suit, bowler and with an umbrella) for 7 UK Eurovision entries, coming runner-up on four occasions.

1977Rock BottomLynsey de Paul and Mike MoranLynsey de Paul & Mike Moran2nd
1982One step furtherSimon JeffriesBardo7th
1987Only the lightRichard PeeblesRikki13th
1988GoJulie Forsyth (daughter of Bruce!)Scott Fitzgerald2nd
1989Why do I always get it wrongBrian Hodgson and John BeebyLive Report2nd
1991A message to your heartPaul CurtisSamantha Janus=10th
1992One step out of timeTony Ryan / Paul Davies / Victor StrattonMichael Ball2nd

... in addition to regularily being the conductor for the 'Song for Europe' shows. Not only that, but it would appear that he's been moonlighting for the Norwegians, appearing on the Selection Jury for Norway in 1985 along with Tony Visconti, Stikkan Anderson and Anne Marie David. No wonder the "nil points" - they were nobbled by our own Euro-hero!