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Ronnie Hazlehurst - a man who delighted the ears of many a generation. Composer, arranger, conductor and Son Of The Desert.


Astonishment, with a wee twinge of guilt. Astonishment that there isn't already a large number of sites devoted to the man, and such a paucity of information - even a search on the BBC website produces just a single page mentioning Eurovision. And the guilt? Well, as an one-time composer of game music, I seem to have acquired my own DMOZ listing among such lumninaries as Delius, Debussy and Dukas, but there's nothing anywhere for Ronnie - in my eyes one of the most talented of 20th century composers. "What?" I hear you cry. "Elgar, Stravinsky, Ellington, Zawinul and the man who wrote Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em" ? Sure - but when did you last laugh at one of Stravinsky's tuba glissandi? Every reference you can find to Ronnie Hazlehurst acknowledges him as a musical hero, but there's suprisingly little gathered together about him. Even IMDB only lists a small fraction of his output, and nobody seems to have paid back the respect due to this man with a site - or even knows how to spell his name right! He is an unsung (as far as the Wonderweb is concerned) genius, and I intend to put that right. So here it is - a tribute to Ronnie.


Currently, this is simply the result of a lot of googling (with a particular nod to TV Cream, IMDB, TV Timewarp and Off The Telly), and as such is woefully incomplete. If anyone has any information that can augment this, any personal stories, or sees anything they know to be wrong, please contact me at ronnie [@] and I'll slap it up here faster than you can say Robert Robinson.

Note. Various links are provided on this site to external mp3's. These may or may not be legal copies of the recordings. Not wishing to get into any legal wrangles, I'm neither serving any mp3's from this site, or necessarily recommending that you download any that may be linked to from these pages. (Whether *I* happen to have a complete collection or not is another matter :) )