Ben Daglish


Over the last 10 or so years, I have played on a regular basis with:

Ben Daglish with Loscoe State Opera

Loscoe State Opera

Vocals, flute, whistle and bazouki for this respected Celtic-rock outfit.
Ben Daglish with Stuck In D'80s

Stuck In D'80s

An international collective of 'C64 scene' musicians (including Mark Knight, Jon Hare, Marcel Donné, Reyn Ouwenhand and Andreas Wallstrom) who perform at various Games Conventions such as BIT Live, Retrovision and CGEUK, and with whom I play electric guitar, flute and WX5 Wind controller.

Tomorrow's Ancestor

Eco-festival favourites, inspired and led by Brian Boothby, Healing Field music Supremo. After a long absence, back on the scene - look out Stainsby 2010!

Pinky Umbrella

Top Klezmer :)
Ben Daglish with whistle

Cold Flame

Derbyshire's longest established band, with whom I performed a Jethro Tull 'tribute' show on (suprise suprise) flute (and some guitar, with a capo on the 3rd fret, just like Ian).

Ensemble 8

Multi-instrumental samply-worldy-classically-musical noodling at its finest.
Strange Horse , Thee Na Shee

Thee Na Shee

Whistle, flute, guitar and keyboards for this (now sadly defunct) most accomplished Celtic band. Included the talents of Dave Sturt, Jeff Davenport and Rob Launder, three of the Midland's finest musicians.